2017 Mercedes GLS SUV Owners Manual Pdf

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2017 Mercedes GLS SUV Owners Manual Pdf

2017 Mercedes GLS SUV

2017 Mercedes GLS SUV manuals

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2017 Mercedes GLS SUV Owners Manual – Nomenclature change model-Mercedes-Benz model not only makes all his car is now more recognizable, but also increasingly emphasise the value of the luxury SUV models.

For example, the latest Mercedes-Benz SUV launched in Indonesia, GLC-Class take the same base with C-Class, while GLE-Class based same as the E-Class saloon.

Yes, from the name, you should already be able to guess where these cars are getting the base? Your answer is correct if calling the S-Class. From the original manufacturer of these saloon Stuttgart here’s SUV Merc GLS-Class get all different themes base.

As a result, the luxury S-Clas owned also owned by GLS. In fact, the GLS-Class itself is the next generation GL-Class who line-up the most bongsor SUV from Mercedes. No wonder if GL design lines still exist in the body of the GLS.

With dimensions length reached 5.1 m, airy spaces for presenting GLS 7 persons in bed. If outside of GLS gaining solid figure like GL-Class earlier, with stripes, strictly speaking and ability to venture off-road terrain, in bed, the luxury of S-ala Classlah shown the Interior. Cabin wrapped in leather top grade material with the sleek wood accents make this car almost similar cabin S-Class.

Behind the hood of the engine there are several choices of machines offered by Mercedes. As an entry level variant, there are 350 d diesel-engined V6 GLS with 255 hp and torque of 620 Nm.

There are petrol-engined variants for GLS V6-engined 400 turbo and V8-engined 500 GLS turbo. Both have earned automatic transmission 9-speed on the latest from Mercedes. As a variant of the pemuncak there is a Mercedes-AMG V8-engined 63 GLS Twin-Turbo 5.5-liter capable of infusing the 585 hp power and torque 760Nm.

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2017 Mercedes Benz GLS SUV Owners Manual Download
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