2016 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Download

Tuesday, June 28th 2016. | TOYOTA

2016 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Download

2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius manual

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2016 Toyota Prius reviews – Hybrid car Toyota Prius 2016 already santer sounded will be present in the midst of the world community. Automotive media Taiwan even has made the design of this car in two versions, namely the version of plug-in hybrid and hybrid versions. This car has been very eagerly awaited since news of his appearance is starting numerous sounds. According to the news that circulated widely, the debut of the first car will be implemented in November 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. Indeed there has been no news for sure but leaks about his debut has been circulating in cyberspace. Somehow later when his debut would have been clear, you also look forward to welcoming a car this one instead.

Offered from a site of origin Taiwan, 2016 Toyota Prius really very charming, gripping because his hatchback design. This car is fresh because it put forward new elements that were previously not available on Toyota’s old series. Toyota Prius car is rumored to be inspired by Toyota Mirai that use hydrogen fuel. Wow, if Toyota cars seem to dilihat-lihat this one will be a major threat to other car manufacturers. You must also wait for the presence of the nimble, elegant.

The all-New Toyota Prius claimed to have dimensions width mm, 4,550 along 1,770 mm and height 1,490 mm and weights 1,280 kg. With the specification so made the car body is long and wide enough so that the inside is comfortable to accommodate more people. Seen from this car does it weigh enough to tackle the tough terrain. In terms of color, blue is very elegant.

When conducted trials, Toyota Prius 2016 using the latest engine 1.8-liter 4-cylinder with DOHC VVT-I with CVT transmission of Hybrid Synergy Drive System. Berbantu electric motor car engine is also pinned electric water pump EGR (exhaust circulation system) which serves to improve fuel efficiency and to make the process of cooling the engine the better. With the composition of the machine so then this car is estimated to be able through heavy terrain and tough performance. When viewed in terms of the appearance of the outer design car.

download owners manual 2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius owner’s manuals Download
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