2016 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual Pdf

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2016 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual Pdf

2016 Jeep Cherokee

2016 Jeep Cherokee Owners Manual Pdf – Based Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, change the sector engine, hood, front bumper-rear fender, lip, alloy wheels and suspension, as well as the interior. This makes the Grand Cherokee SRT-8, 4 x 4 SUV as one of the strongest and fastest Premium ever made by Jeep over the past 71 years occurrence.

In accordance with the fitrahnya as the fastest SUV, the Grand Cherokee SRT equipped mechanical rate V8, 5.9 L, 470-powered hp at 6,000 rpm and torque of 630 Nm at 4,300 rpm. Machines using Aluminium material Deep Skirt that was able to reduce weight, though a large machine.

Tech Fuel Saver, which will disable the engine cylinders when not needed. In conditions of idle or low speed ride time, only active engine 4-cylinder. When the driver accelerates or need for sped high speed, all 8-cylinder engine will be active.

To strengthen the accuracy and control of the ride, the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 come a wide array of features. As Electronic Limited Differential that will keep all four wheels has traction on the road.

Dumping Adaptive Suspension, a feature that will adjust settings, adjust the suspension to the surface of the road. Electronic Roll Mitigation, is a feature that will prevent the car rolled when at high speed. Then Track Control is a feature that ensures that the engine power to the wheels perfect flow.

The Grand Cherokee SRT apply the 20-inch alloy wheels Allumunium light Alloy rims, whereby it is lighter and stronger than regular racing alloy wheels. Combined High Performance tire RFT (Run Flat Tire), tire size size 295/45 R20/can still be rolling though deflated. Device pengeremannya, was entrusted to the race 6-piston (front) and 4-piston (rear).

While the Select feature Train, available in five modes. First there is the Auto sensor automatically detects the road surface and driving style, then there are Sport, a system set up the suspension so that the car is more stable. And features Snow used for wet or snowy path.

Furthermore there is a Tow, which adjust the performance of the car when pulling a load, as well as tracks that work to combine the power of the engine, transmission and suspension stability accuracy at maximum performance.

On the Interior, the Grand Cherokee SRT leather wrapped steering wheel, heated with following form beneath in order not to interfere with your control. Bucket seat upholstery-lined suede leather, carbon fiber accents on the dashboard and center console and door trim, dual-pane Sun roof, Sporty pedal sets, as well as paddle shift, kian strengthens the aura of sporty.

A series of sound supported 19 speakers, one 10 inch Subwoofer, 825 Watts power amp, with features DSP (Digital Sound Processing) to maximize sound clarity. Setting the Equalizer and fader of the touch screen. More remarkably, all of the audio has been equipped so that the Edge-Green technology save money on car’s electrical Usage.

SRT division already produces a lot of cars. You name it, the Dodge Neon, Dodge Caliber, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Callenger and Dodge Charger, Chrysler Crossfire, Chrysler 300 c and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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