2015 Mercedes SLK-Class Owners Manual Download

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2015 Mercedes SLK-Class Owners Manual Download

2015 Mercedes SLK-Class

2015 Mercedes SLK-Class manual

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2015 Mercedes SLK-Class manual – Being a camera phone shot the motorist around it feels so it would be unusual for riders SLK. We also often photographed by passenger cars. The impact of the new design and this gorgeous indeed very pronounced suck up attention.

But while others can only be enjoyed from the outside, the owner of SLK can always appreciate a superb Interior. Special sitting position as well as the classy cabins make us will never get bored of being in it. A touch of light red line is also very exotic look at night.

Verily, this car is also very enjoyably worn everyday. Padded to size suspension dings roadster, engine and transmission any smooth while working. But that does not mean SLK roadster remains soggy. Stepping on the gas, and you will soon change your mind.

The rate of 0-100 km/h is not finished until 7 seconds, and acceleration is accompanied by the distinctive roar of the sonorous V6. Sports mode for when the suspension is turned on, it was not until 2 seconds dings so hardened and control of increasingly sharp. At that moment you will feel the real SLK preoccupation.

Folding roof called Mercedes-Benz as the Vario Roof can be opened in just 18 seconds. And aura car instantly changed. With tall headroom you will feel a delicacy. Not to mention the car will look the more sexy.

Unfortunately the FUEL consumption of the SLK 350 is also not encouraging. Although compact, his posture within the city the car sucking 1 liter of gasoline to 6.9 km course. Not much different than the CLS 63 AMG though. Often stepping on the gas in, and that figure could come down to below 6 km/liter. Luckily a 60 litre tank capacity makes the distance fare is fair.

As a car daily, SLK also features good practicality with adequate luggage. But when the road in front of the empty and the weather is sunny, the SLK 350 with the roof opened will provide exciting sensations.

download owner’s manual in pdf 2015 Mercedes SLK-Class

2015 Mercedes Benz SLK-Class Owners Manual Download
2015 Mercedes Benz SLK-Class Comand Manual Download
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