2015 Land Rover Defender / L316 Owner’s Manual – PDF

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016. | LAND ROVER

2015 Land Rover Defender / L316 Owner’s Manual – PDF


2015 Land Rover Defender

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2015 Land Rover Defender manual PDF – Land Rover officially ceased production, namely iconic Defender SUV. In closing, a British automotive manufacturer was releasing two variants namely Defender Adventure and Heritage.

Defender SUV so legendary figure because it has been paved since 68 years ago. Tough car is discontinued because it was considered minimal safety and generate a high emission levels.

Yes, Defender now loose in the City of London as a taxi. Practically, this Defender dressed with a number of accessories are generally taxis operating in London, such as neon box yellow color on the roof, the black paint. Not escape, the car is also equipped with a navigation device.

It is said, the presence of Defender as taxis as part of the celebration of 67 years of production of SUVs that have become iconic Englishman. In a video, described how tough the car journey. In addition to functioning as a passenger vehicle, Defender was `menjelma` to meet the needs. Of course, a number of iconic places in London so the background.

As a special edition, this Defender has a unique plaque mounted on the driver’s floor. The plaque has been signed by each person who contributed to build this SUV is hand made.

download owner’s manual PDF 2015 Land Rover Defender

2015 Land Rover Defender owner’s manuals Download
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