2015 Jeep Compass Owners Manual Download

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2015 Jeep Compass Owners Manual Download

2015 Jeep Compass

2015 Jeep Compass manual

Note : free download the latest owner’s manuals, user guide, navigation manuals and service manual in pdf 2015 Jeep Compass available just for English language, you can read online and download the manuals here

2015 Jeep Compass manual – Although known as ‘ baby ‘, the machine 2,400 cc capacity Compass DOHC 16-valve VVT capable of reaping power 172 hp and 165 pull Ib-ft engine Power is transmitted via a set of CVT12 automatic transmission with AutoStick technology.

There are also feature Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which is designed to help the driver control the car’s direction. It works integrated with the antilock brake system (ABS) and the hydraulic brake assist which organize braking with a matter of precision so that it stops and makes the car nyelonong.

While control systems work, you’ll stay connected, informed, entertained, and focused to drive because of the multimedia devices in the head unit that features UConect.

This feature lets you rule with sound, to bridge the need for mobile phones, radios, MP3 players, and other gadgets. The head unit have the ability play CD/DVD and MP3, having remote USB port, audio jack, hard disk storage, voice command, Bluetooth and audio streaming.

With it you can also while receiving the phone, if very important, thanks to Bluetooth technology. This clever system itself is able to synchronize your mobile phone number up to 1,000 entries.

The question of the security drive, there are more than 30 sensors and a strong body structure while holding down the clash. The concept of the crumple zone in the body will absorb the energy of the collisions result without changing the structure of the car cabin.

Any Chair marked with Active Head Restraints that will move forward and upward motion to hold the head if there is a collision from behind. The affair even change tires or search for artisan clamp tire nights already anticipated a sensor embedded in the alloy wheels in order to monitor the wind pressure of the tires.

Still, there is a full-time 4WD with automatic locker, off road mode, and Hill Descent Contol (HDC). For example, the tire tread the uneven terrain, and one of the tires is stuck because of mud or other things.

A rather dreadful pun derivative is not a problem because the turn Hill Descent Contol (HDC) that works. Do not fear, the origin is still possible, the Jeep Compass will move down regularly with the stages of power machinery that’s been laid out so that the car is out of control and the team.

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