2015 Dodge Journey Owners Manual Download

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2015 Dodge Journey Owners Manual Download

2015 Dodge Journey

2015 Dodge Journey manual

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2015 Dodge Journey manual – The band produced the limited, has a base of Platinum which became the highest variant type of Journey. There is no difference that signi kan with other variants of Journey. It’s just that in this anniversary edition, the band performed with black Grilles and body panels in the emblem that reads, ‘ 100th Dodge since 1914 ‘.

So also on the runway of kitchen space. Dodge still entrust Journey digerakan with engine capacity for 2,360 cc 4-cylinder that produces the power of 173 dk and peak torque of 225 Nm at 4,000 rpm engine rotation.

Now the Journey presents the latest transmission with 6 acceleration. Even so, an American premium SUVS is seen not to focus on the performance of the machine.

Thanks to the new automatic transmission 6-speed, Journey is capable of supplying the engine to the wheels with the recorded acceleration 0-100 km/h with a 13.2 seconds. If looking at the time recorded Journey is indeed not the best compared to other rivals, but pretty terevisi from the antecedents only rely on Automatic 4-speed transmission and noting the time acceleration 0-100 km/h 14.64 seconds.

Of course this also had an impact on FUEL consumption are presented. Although armed with a new transmission, the band hasn’t been able to deliver the change that signi kan on fuel processing sector. Not much different from the previous version, the band recorded the consumption of FUEL in the town of 8.4 km/l and toll 11.8 km/l.

Then what is the specialty of the SUV dai Dodge? It turns out that Dodge consumer sector indulged completely through convenience. Dodge Journey has a padded suspension dings to through all terrain, plus you’ll feel the silence of the cabin is good when driving with him.

It will certainly support the entertainment tour de ngan available screen as big as big as 9 inches, include with your DVD player. Pull it again the screen can connect with portable gaming device with two prongs stop contacts available.

download owner’s manual 2015 Dodge Journey

2015 Dodge Journey Owners Manuals Download
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