2014 VW Golf Owners Manual Pdf

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2014 VW Golf Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Volkswagen Golf

2014 VW Golf manual

Note : free download the latest instruction manual, brochures in pdf 2014 Volkwagen Golf available manual for English language only.

Download Owner’s Manual in Pdf 2014 VW Golf

2014 Volkswagen Golf Owners Manual Download

2014 VW Golf Owners Manual

Behind the design of its ‘ outrageous ‘, laying the platform that underpinned the beautiful figure of the MQB VW Golf’s latest generation of it. Does it weigh only 1100 kg only. Light weight certainly affects the maximum efforts for fuel economy.

Behind the “chaff”, there are a number of key technologies focused to meet the standards of Euro target growing bolder. The first is a system of flywheel technology that can be used to provide power for the rear wheels, front-wheel drive cars. The trick with save wasted energy, so that it can provide up to 40 hp. this kind of Technology has also been tested by Volvo.

The second technology is Coasting technology. This technology was supposed to use the entire line of Volkswagen cars. This technology comes with decoupling transmission and engine shutdown when venturing in a certain speed, a derivative or when reducing speed.

The third technology is an electric turbocharger which will give your luck on the engine capacity is low. The air flow will flow through the turbo when the engine slows. This will prepare the turbo to produce gust full when Accelerator is pressed.

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