2013 BMW 3 Series Owners Manual PDF

Monday, April 30th 2018. | BMW

2013 BMW 3 Series Owners Manual PDF

download manual PDF 2013 BMW 3 Series

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2013 BMW 3 Series manual – As the latest generation of the 3 Series, the cars are coded F34 3 Series GT is a sporty body count on the display of the M Sport Package. Not only that only M Performance Brakes also applied to the fourth kaki-kakinya.

From a facial face already can not dielak if this variant still use gen BMW 3 Series sedan F30. Both the shape of the headlight and grille are unchanged.

This was confirmed with the length of the car is not the same as the sedan BMW 3 Series F30 that are already circulating. BMW 3 Series GT F34ini clearly has a longer wheelbase.

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