2012 Ford Focus Owners Manual Download

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2012 Ford Focus Owners Manual Download

2012 Ford Focus

2012 Ford Focus manual

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2012 Ford Focus manual – One of the new products that abound the features is Ford Focus Hatchback 2.0 Sport AT. The sedan model is already our first try, he equipped the Active Park Assist which make parallel parking easier efforts rather than remove it.

While in the area of parallel parking, press the AUTO ON under the control of AIR CONDITIONING. “Search for parking spot” will appear on the monitor, and run the car slowly. When passing the sidelines between two cars were considered sufficient, the monitor will issue the sentence “Drive forward”.

Next you stay abreast of the next command given via the monitor. Don’t be surprised when the wheel rotates itself to get into a parking spot. Adjust injakan brake pedal so that the car doesn’t slide too toned.

Your benchmark is a sound beep of the parking sensors. Lights parking sensors will also blink yellow. If it is reasonably enough, stepping on the brake pedal the car see if the parking position is correct, will be out of the word “Finish” on the monitor and the system dies.

We also got to try the Active City Stop using cardboard as an obstacle. The new system will work when the speed below 30 km/h. With a speed of 20 km/h, we let the Focus Hatchback glide.

The time is near, instantly the car braked to a stop. The remaining distance of about 20-30 cm. active safety Feature is very useful when you lose concentration when driving on roads jammed.

In addition, the Focus Hatchback also has other features that make it easy. Such a gadget that can access the SYNC with the voice. Development of a voice command. Features like the phone via Bluetooth, ESP, cruise control and remains in use.

As the main menu there is a new engine 1,999 cc 4-cylinder equipped tech no logy Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Twin independent Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT). The successor to the power used transmission matik 6-speed double kolpng (DSG).

Focus Hatchback is capable of completing the 0-100 km/h in tempo 10.01 seconds. 0.2 seconds faster than the Sedan. A more rigid suspension with special settings give a share here. This 17 rims with wider soles give extra contributions.

Wheel rims of large FUEL consumption keiritan contributes on the motorway, with the figure of kehe matan 18.25 km/liter. Better than the Sedan 17.85 km/liter. While in the city he scored the exact same consumption with Sedan, was 9.25 km/liter.

More rigid suspension download the created control more agile. More compact body increases the accuracy of the maneuver. Synergize with the Palm of the wider tires and a steering wheel elektrohidrolis weighted fitting, Focus Hatchback feels so much fun on the road.

Bed 90% similar to the Sedan. Just to differentiate, the screen is dark, dominating every corner. Fabric and leather combination bench holding body well, albeit without the electric regulator. The rear cabin accommodation talk, he was no better than cramped Sedans that are included.

Outside is also the same with Sedan. Unless of course the rims 17 inch and design behind it. Frankly, bu ritan Focus Hatch back tam pak a fresh and dynamic. Great back light download domination with sexy curves.

download owner’s manual 2012 Ford Focus

2012 Ford Focus owner’s manual Download
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