2010 Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual Pdf

Tuesday, June 23rd 2015. | TOYOTA

2010 Toyota Tacoma Owners Manual Pdf

2011 Toyota Tacoma

2010 Toyota Tacoma – Tire pressure monitor system failed right after the warranty expired. Has been repaired with electrical tape over inches warning light. Otherwise this is an exceptional vehicle. Walk anywhere.

Now looking for a Tacoma with auto trans when I bought a boat/trailer and I’m getting older. However, love the feeling of the stick shifter controls provide. As long as I have a pickup will be Tacoma.

This is a great truck but this lack in power very visible when it gets above the road on the highway. You really have to step on the accelerator to get moving. That’s the only negative about this truck.

Download owner’s manual PDF 2010 Toyota Tacoma

2010 Toyota Tacoma owners manuals Download
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