2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf

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2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf

2010 Ford Escape

2010 Ford Escape Owners Manual Pdf – In terms of appearance and dimensions, almost no difference with the Ford Escape predecessor version (type ZC). There are striking differences in the front grille that contrasts. If the previous version carries the nuance chrome grille bars, now packed with honeycomb design with dark gray hue.

Another story when it goes into the cabin. It is clear that glorifies interior high aesthetic value by combining the texture of wood (wood panels), ABS plastic and silver paint game (for type Limited).

Cockpit that gives the impression of ‘ready to run’ from the daily routine of the condensed reflected a comfortable sitting position but remain alert for obstacles in front. Perhaps this is the key strength of Escape for this.

Bak a VIP room, Escape is ready to spoil the driver and passengers with in car entertainment and comfort while driving. It is also felt AUTOMOTIVE when testing for a few days. Although large-engined, consumption without sacrificing performance efficiency can.

Sure enough! When the lever matic (shifter) into the ‘D’ and the gas pedal is pressed, the direct torque feels solid in every round of the machine. Compensated fairly spontaneous acceleration, making New Escape fun to drive. Similarly, when a tall SUV’s 16-inch alloy berpelek invited cornering or maneuvering.

Despite the relatively high suspension travel, the combination of gas and coil sokbreker the multilink legs, could reduce kickback well. Body roll is hardly felt even though the travel be set higher than the factory. In fact there is an impression, Escape can be invited agile posture and despite having large dimensions.

Talk acceleration, Duratec engine’s variable valve timing technology can indeed be invited to show off even born automatic transmission 4-speed. Almost imperceptible lag of drive by wire technology (Electronic Throttle Control System) when gas pedal. Even from the position of the car is stationary and spontaneous gas pedal, the interval between the pedal and the movement of the wheel is quite responsive.

Not only indulgence new technology around the kitchen runway, New Escape participate in reducing the level of pollution of the world. 2.3L Duratec engine is ready to accept the technology of bio-ethanol fuel by 20% or E20. “Being able to see behind the petrol cap and emblems leaves after writing Escape The stern of the car,” said Davy.

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