2009 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Pdf

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2009 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Pdf

2009 Toyota Prius

2009 Toyota Prius Owners Manual Pdf – Toyota Prius 2009 model was named the most fuel-efficient cars by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. Prius consume approximately 21.3 km / liter in urban areas.

As reported by the site Edmunds, fuel consumption on a freeway approximately 20 km / liter. Hybrid cars like the Prius is more efficient on city streets. This is because, in a low-speed (below 30 km / h), a car driven by an electric motor instead of a conventional combustion engine.

In addition, the 2009 model car Lamborghini Murcielago is the most extravagant car with consumption of 3.5 km / liter in the city and 6.2 km / liter on the highway.

Hybrid cars and new entrants Mercdes Smart ForTwo mendomonasi high rating of the most economical cars. Here are 5 of the most economical cars marketed in the United States: (fuel consumption city / freeway in km / liter)

The test is performed can not be separated from government programs that would provide tax breaks for the purchase of hybrid cars and diesel at USD3.400 and alternative fuels such as gas at USD4.000. Currently passenger cars which already use the fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) is the Honda Civic. This car is in need of funds amounting to USD1.366 each year to fuel the assumption of use as far as 30,000 miles.

EPA insists these results will be used as a benchmark for consumers who would buy a brand new car. EPA is an agency of the US government whose job holding fuel consumption testing on new cars that will be marketed in the US.

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