2008 Hyundai Accent Owners Manual Pdf

Thursday, May 21st 2015. | HYUNDAI

2008 Hyundai Accent Owners Manual Pdf

2007 Hyundai Accent

2008 Hyundai Accent – Get good gas milage car, very reliable. It has no frills but very economical great car. Small car, it’s easy to manover and park. Down behind the seats, which makes it great for hauling stuff around.

We have not taken on any road trip yet so we don’t know what kind of mileage it gets on the highway. My biggest problem with street car they directed it (5 speed) automatically gets better mpg on the highway because it was lower-revving in fourth gear than it does in 5th manual.

Download owner’s manual PDF 2008 Hyundai Accent

2008 Hyundai Accent Owner’s Manuals Download
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