2003 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual Pdf

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2003 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual Pdf

2003 Toyota 4Runnner

2003 Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual Pdf – I have my 4Runner 2003 for 11 years now with 156,000 miles and only have one major mechanical problem, the replacement of the gas tank fuel line. In addition to routine maintenance and wear and tear, big truck.

I get the gas mileage is really good on the highway between 23 and 25 mpg even driving 70 mph on the hwy. In some cases I was able to get 27 mpg just driving 55 mph on cruise control. Hope to keep it for 300k and 10 or 11 years.

Toyota’s popular intermediate SUV has been completely redesigned this year. Although it remains faithful to its truck-based roots, it comes with many new features upscale, including V8 engines available and an optional navigation system.

Mileage is 20 mph highway and 17-18 city. There are toys in roofand squeak in the left front bumper when it was new. Both were repaired under warranty. Front brake pads and calipers replaced at 102,000 miles.

Replaced burned brake lights and yellow lights front angle of about 100,000 miles. Dashboard lights burning around 118,000. Dashboard lights cost about $ 97 to replace because I was carried by my shop. In addition to these improvements are relatively small, have only routine maintenance.

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