2002 Kia Rio Owners Manual Pdf

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2002 Kia Rio Owners Manual Pdf

2004 Kia Rio

2002 Kia Rio Owners Manual Pdf – It is a model in 2002 for everyday driving and driving to College. I have more than 600,000 miles on it and it will continue. No one broke on me. dealer serviced every 3000 miles, and every 30,000 miles.

Same same Trany machine. + I get 35 miles to the gallon even driving in Los Anglesand there fwys. even when fwys is the parking lot. I bought me a 2 to customize and build to show car, buying used and it’s just as well the also-rans have only 91, 000miles on it.

The third I have 120,000 miles and it’s beat up bad trany when I bought it and have them repair dealers engine and runs great as well. After 10,000 miles on it, it gets nearly 36 miles to the gallon.

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